Compare 1998 Honda Prelude Acceleration By Trims

0-60 Times Quarter Mile

Salutations to each and every car enthusiast, who appreciates speed drives and wants to know which 1998 Prelude can meet up with your needs. Our crew organized a factual information for our visitor to idetify from zero to sixty mph assessment results for various 1998 Prelude in nice charts and tables. The complete set of knowledge was collected from varied loyal official websites. But, additionally, take into consideration, that the details regarding every 1998 Prelude may vary from page to page due to may factors.

It should be interesting for virtually any vehicle fan that largely, for most racing autos and high-end sports cars from zero to 60 check-up will mark from two to three secs. At the same time, the standard time in the USA for the same from 0 to 60 mph test indicates eight secs. Exactly, if we are discussing small autos, this pointer could be about seven to nine seconds and for sports utility vehicles, it would be eight-nine seconds.